CANCERELLIUM is a project for raising awareness of breast and testicular cancer among men and women of any age.

How we do it?

We tell you stories of our heroes, showing their journey as cancer diagnosed patients. We make professional photoshoots to prove that everyone is beautiful, regardless of their disease. And we do it because we want everybody to know that:

Cancer can affect anyone

Regardless of race, age or gender you might end up as a cancer patient. Even if you have no cancer history running in your family, you are in good physical shape and you are feeling ok at the moment.

Preventive examination is key

Do not underestimate any symptoms. Take time to examine yourself regularly. The sooner you know about a potential tumor, the higher the chance of you becoming a cancer survivor, not a cancer victim!

There’s no shame in asking for help

Cancer is not a final sentence. Cancer is not a reason for you to be ashamed. Remember that there ary many organizations that can and are glad to help you.